Friday, March 30, 2012

Overview of my life with Jaylen.

Here's some pictures of Jaylen just so everyone can get to know him even though it's already been a year.

Here I was 6 months pregnant. It was my last day physically in high school and what a relief that was, I was tried of getting up and walking to school and sitting in boring classes all day. My "friend" made this banner and I've never hung but the thought was nice.

This was Jaylen's Birthday! April 16th 2011 @ 10:58am. That's my mom cutting the umbilical cord and my sister took this amazing picture. My life truly began that day and that very moment.

This is the next morning when I got professional photos done of him right before we left, oh how much I miss him that small!

This is when he went in for his wellness check after being home for 2 weeks, I loved that shirt so much when I first got it that he just had to where it on his first outing.

Jaylen was 2 months here, when he got his second round of professional photos, by an amazing photographer at Our 365. He spit up in between every pose but overall he didn't cry one bit and just did amazing for a 2 month old.

Here Jaylen was 3 months old and boy he changed so much from the last picture. We were at a parade with my sister that was literally down the street from my apartment, and I have to say that Jaylen really enjoyed himself that day.

Jaylen was 5 almost 6 months here wearing his aunties hat when we came to visit at her place. Jaylen was changing so much and becoming soooo expressive, he wasn't quite crawling yet but he would hover and I was able to capture this joyful picture of him.

 Here Jaylen was 8 months and this was his last professional photo shoot by the same person from Our 365. I love this photo because it was an accident and then when we got to review the photos it was just the perfect photo. The bear the background everything just made this photo perfect in it's own incidental way.

Here Jaylen was almost 9 months and we were out to eat with my "best friend" at the time at the Cheesecake Factory he was asleep when we first arrived but then later woke up and gnawed on that spoon and a loft of rye bread.

 Here Jaylen was 9 months and he was enjoying snack time and making cute little crazy faces :)

 Jaylen was 10 months and chilling on the couch hehe!

Jaylen was 11 months here we were having fun taking pictures on the couch this day.He was making all kids of funny and cute faces and I was glad to of had my new camera by this day because I wouldn't of captured them without it.

This was Jaylen's first birthday! I believe he truly enjoyed his birthday, although I was stressing a little about the homemade decor the night before and morning of the day turned out really good, After he opened gifts and ate cake we went to Disney world animal kingdom  and he loved it there I just can't wait until he older and can do so much more besides go to the pool.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm back in the blogging business, I recently let my blog on Tumblr go because of many reasons but I started to miss blogging and I want to share my parenting experiences, photos, and ideas with others besides my facebook friends that could probably care less. So with that said let the blogging begin. :)
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