Saturday, July 20, 2013

Table Tents Anyone

               Today we had lots of fun playing with tables and sheets. My sister and I always used to build the chair/table/couch fort out of our covers and huddle inside and play games and stay up all night.. well until bed time. I feel like every parent should let their kids do this because it's just a thing you do and if they grow up never knowing what a sheet fort is you may have just ruined them. No I'm kidding! Like I always say let their imagination grow.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cheesy Smiles

        Snack time! This amazingly cute little boy has always been a picky eater and when I say that I mean to different varities. He's definiely the kind of kid that likes what he likes and it's hard to break. Reminds me of my sister! So lately I've been trying to introduce a few new snacks a week, these are all things he's had a few times here and there but not as often.
        I've learned the best way to go about it is to have what he knows and likes with something he doesn't eat to often like, he loves oranges but cheese by itself he doesn't usually eat. He might get that from me, I don't like cheese alone.. I don't know it's just a thing. So it really seemed to work especially since he was able to pull it apart. But you know what mom always says! Don't play with your food.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Cotton Candy Blues

No pun intended there. This would have to be Jaylen's first cotton candy experience and I think he was thoroughly confused. We were at a little carnival get together they had at my Church and you can't have a carnival without this fluffy blue stuff. I try to limit the amount of sugar intake that Mr Jaylen has these days and practically since he was able to eat anything more than breast milk. Just because I don't want him to become conditioned to it or want it so much. A little sugar is fine of course but when they object like he did with this cotton candy by the look on his face... I don't mind I won't judge! 

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