Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Because it's ok to make a mess!

   We were bored, so I came up with a fun little activity to do that's simple enough... just rip some paper up! So we did and he loved it first he just explored with the different sounds and textures of them all then we started our fun mess. It was a blast and I recommend anyone make a mess with your kids. It shows them it's ok to have fun in a not so orderly way (no pun intended to rhyme there) and no mess is a permanent mess I always say!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Potty Training attempt #1

 At 15 months Jay started showing signs of being ready for the big boy potty.. well turns out I read the signs wrong. Now yes he did use the potty as you can see here but that didn't last long I got him to go one other time but over the 2 days that was it. So I did't necessarily give up I just listened to my child... he wasn't ready but that's ok I'll still have the potty and pull ups for when he is. But I do want to share here how I attempted to train him and why I was so eager but I've realized this method won't work for every child. But maybe for yours so don't be afraid to try, it can never hurt!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Movie in the park

 So we decided on the last day my sister was in town to go see a movie. We came across this fun and very family friendly movie in the park event that they have here in Florida every other week. The week we went happy feet was playing and as you can tell Jay was just memorized by the movie and especially the music. There were also food trucks in the back behind the movie with some really great food as you can tell in the first picture. It was just a really fun and different thing to do with the family and we will definitely be going back to see another!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Auntie came in town

Aunite Cyd is in town to visit because she just misses us all so much! I was really excited for her to come but also with us being sooo close she drove me nuts and vice verse and we were both happy but sad to part again. For Mr.Jay here he at first with any family member that's been away for a period of time, he wasn't really feeling Cydney but he warmed up and they just played and had a great time. We definitely hope see her again soon and it will probably be us going down ti Miami or meeting up somewhere together for a mini family vakay.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday great great Grandma

My great grandma just turned 90 this past week and of course Jaylen makes the day about him in some way, but we all loved it. My great grandma, his great great grandma had a really "great" 90th birthday.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Red, White and Blue

 This 4th we didn't do as much as I guess we did last year but it went a lot smoother than it did last year I'll tell you that. So here above we had to go out the day of and get a few things. I wanted to dress Jay for the occasion but not to literal like he had last year that said "My First 4th"
We spent a good amount of time at the pool that he actually wanted to nurse and then fell asleep but we had a good time and he really enjoys the pool.

The big boom! So we at the last minute decided to go to watch the fireworks that's why you can see a hotel just under the actually fireworks. And I also ended up waking him up to see them because like last year he fell asleep and I really wanted him to see them this year and I'm glad I did because he was just in "Aw" So all 'n all we had a great 4th and I hope you did as well.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Simple edits

This collage wasn't an original by me by from the wonderful world of pinterest I came across a similar picture to this that I created on pickmonkey. And if you may know this picture wasn't taken in the light that it looks like it was taken in, it was probably around 10pm when I took this photo but it sure doesn't look like it huh?

The setting on my camera that I used was manual mode Aperture Priority "Av" with the ISO at 1200 the highest light it could go with some adjustments just to be sure it didn't look to bright and with a steady hand and sleeping baby you've got a very detailed picture of your baby. Then to make the collage if you follow the picmonkey link above it's really very self explanatory after that and then either use paint to add the font or just stay on picmonkey like I did to do it.

Now get creating your own pro-collage yourself!
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