Monday, May 26, 2014

Scenic Boat Tour.

This past Saturday I was looking for something to do and I came across this boat tour in Winter Park. They call it the Scenic Boat Tour and scenic it was. The tour guide man gives a great back ground and history of the surrounding houses and other buildings and landmarks around the lake. It was a nice spring day so the sun was just warm enough yet the breeze cool as well. If you find yourself visiting Florida and you are in the area I recommend taking a boat ride here with your loved one or make a s family affair.. and enjoy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ponce Inlet Beach.

I decided to head down to the beach over the weekend to Ponce Inlet Beach near Daytona Beach. It was an amazing day at the beach.. so relaxing, barely anyone there just the ocean waves and us..

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Last Day of Baseball.

Baseball came to an end this past weekend and I saw how much Jaylen really liked it that I just had to do another 7 weeks, so he starts again next week end and I'm super excited. Not to brag or anything but when talent presents itself why not invest in it, because Jaylen is really good for his age and start them young and all they can do it get better right? It would be pretty cool if he wanted to continue baseball over the years as he grows and be able to say he's been playing since he was 2! Yes, I always told myself I would never be the type of parent that forced my kids to go anything extracurricular that they really didn't want to do, but encouraging them not to just give up once they start is definitely my motto. So here comes another round of baseball fun, look out folks Jaylen might just hit one out of the park!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Writing Away.

Since I've been unemployed I've been taking the time to keep Jaylen up with his schooling, and even though he goes to daycare a few times a week it's nothing like when he was there every week day. So we've been practicing writing and he's pretty good at it on the board and paper. I just write a word in dots and he traces it while I have him practice saying the letter at the same time, this helps him identify with letters then with the whole word and soon reading them. I love being at home with him and being able to teach him myself.  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Love Trucks.

As you know Jaylen loves Trucks like I've mentioned so many times before, but getting to sit in a truck was his ultimate favorite. My mom has a friend that is a truck driver and they promised to set something up for Jaylen when he came to Florida. He gets excited when he see's them go by on the road but he's never been that close to one and he was so excited he could barely contain himself! Although he was parked in a grocery store parking lot Marvin, my mom's friend let him pull the big horn. I thought Jaylen would get frightened but he just kept wanting to do it again and again. Probably the highlight of the year getting to see Jaylen enjoy the one thing he loves so much. 

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