Monday, September 10, 2012

Cluster Feeding?

At almost a year and a half of age Jaylen is still breastfed exclusively on the left boob, along with many other big kids foods, he's just never had cows milk. Now I'd love to keep this up until age 2 at the max and 18 months at min. Just really depending on him because he'll sometimes want to feed constantly hints the title of this post or barely at all. So I'm picking up on the vibes of him completely not wanting to at all anymore these days.

Back to the "cluster feeding" topic, now I really didn't know much about it myself until I saw a post about it on an FB mom page I follow and she mentioned it in the post. So curious ole me went to google and looked it up. It was a simple explanation that simply said something along the lines of when a child constantly wanted to be on the boob, hungry or not. (not word for word, so don't quote me) But at first I was like oh...nah my son doesn't do that. Then the next day it hit me! Jaylen totally does that, duh! Just as depicted ever so cutely in this photo :)

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