Friday, September 14, 2012

The Big Move.

So I've been planning this move for some time now and I've definitely made a final decision on where and when I want to move. I'm officially moving to beautiful Syracuse, New York right in the heart of the city. I decided on NY because of many reasons, one it's still on the east cost so I'll be a short train and a super short plane ride away from my family still here in Florida. Also I've always wanted to live in NY but when I was little I always thought of just the big city in NY and no other parts of it. Now that I'm slightly older and wiser I know there's more to NY than just Manhattan. I mainly miss the seasons, ha living in Florida there are none and it's so hot all the time and I feel it sort of limits the things I want to do with Jay especially outdoor play. And I just love the feel of Syracuse and the historic aspect of it, I just feel it defines how and want to live and I get the vibe that it's just me when I look at videos and pictures of that city...I hope that makes sense. It's just that feeling that the boot fits there better than it does for me in FL. 

So now as far as when I know it will be next year I don't have exact dates or months right now but I do know it will be, between August thru. October. I'll be posting here and there about home decor inspiration because I of course already have that planned out because I know the apt. I want and I can visualize everything I want in there and where.. a little weird and obsessive you might say but I call it dreaming! Stay tuned folks!

The Apt. I'm going to be staying in!

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