Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tech Kids

      Pictures of Jaylen are becoming less and less these days. Since I started my expernship in the field I'm not home as much to capture this handsome kid of mine. But when I do I never really realize the amount of history I'm capturing.. The generations are changing so much these days and fast. I remember being a little kid and cell phones weren't around yet.

      I remember house phones only and dial up. I'm not that old but it's crazy how fast my generation changed from ancient to 100% new school. We got hit with everything new and "cool" when I was growing up. So it's interesting to see how the little babies now get it right away, there's no introduction it's practically given to them when they pop out of the womb. I hate it but it's just the way it is now. I try my best to limit the amount of tech Jaylen uses as far as TV and Ipad game and such. He pretends to talk on the phone as he was doing in this pic but I really want Jaylen grow up with as little of the worlds new age as I can possible limit.

      It's a win lose situation with our kids in this day and age because the technology we have is great and helps us so much but at the same time it consumes our lives to a point where we can't live without it and I want to teach Jaylen and my kids to come that they should only live with it not without it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zaria Turns One!

 A family friend from church had a Grand Daughter that turned One this past weekend and Jaylen got invited. This was his first birthday party he's been to that wasn't his own. Being really new to Florida it's not easy making friends right away and then on top of that making them with kids. So it was nice to finally go to a birthday party. We got there early and left kinda early so not many kids of his age besides little Zaria were there but none the less we had fun. Jaylen loved the bouncy house of course and wouldn't come out of it to do anything else, as you can see he wasn't to amused with the ring toss game.

I remember when Jaylen turned One it seems not to long ago and he's coming up on his 2nd Birthday.. man they grow up so fast..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bath to Shower Time

Jaylen is almost 2 now and he's much more active in all aspects of his life and especially when it comes to water. I am a neat/clean freak and he gets water on the floor during bath and I can't stand it. So this pic is his last bath. I will be showering him from now on. It honestly is a lot easier and quicker and saves water folks! I'm sure he will adjust well considered I have given him a quick shower once just to rise him off of paint on day and no complains there. I do advise doing this when you know your little one will enjoy it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

PETS Galore

Right before Christmas my sister and her faience came up to visit and brought all the animals they owned. Jaylen was in love, because these animals he could touch and pick up unlike the horses and animals at the zoo he had seen. The dog above is a jumpy little one and would only let Jaylen near him on the leash and little bunny below didn't hop far before Jaylen caught him. It was a great time watching him play with my sisters pets, especially the bunny. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ambidextrous Much

They say you can't really tell what hand a child will use for the rest of their lives until around age 4. That may very well be true, so we'll wait and see but these days Jaylen definitely takes advantage of both his hands painting this wonderful picture or just doing anything really. Although I have noticed he does eat primarily with his right, so to me it's a sure indicator that he will be right handed. 

I try to get him to paint at least once a week or do something creative like this. I believe it helps keep kids busy for sure and always having those creative juices flowing. I'm big on Jaylen using his imagination because I remember very well as a kid having a big and very vivid imagination.. I can even think back now to the kinds of things I would imagine. 

          One thing we can let our kids do freely and with out punishment 
is their imagination, so let it grow just as they!

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