Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zaria Turns One!

 A family friend from church had a Grand Daughter that turned One this past weekend and Jaylen got invited. This was his first birthday party he's been to that wasn't his own. Being really new to Florida it's not easy making friends right away and then on top of that making them with kids. So it was nice to finally go to a birthday party. We got there early and left kinda early so not many kids of his age besides little Zaria were there but none the less we had fun. Jaylen loved the bouncy house of course and wouldn't come out of it to do anything else, as you can see he wasn't to amused with the ring toss game.

I remember when Jaylen turned One it seems not to long ago and he's coming up on his 2nd Birthday.. man they grow up so fast..

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