Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tech Kids

      Pictures of Jaylen are becoming less and less these days. Since I started my expernship in the field I'm not home as much to capture this handsome kid of mine. But when I do I never really realize the amount of history I'm capturing.. The generations are changing so much these days and fast. I remember being a little kid and cell phones weren't around yet.

      I remember house phones only and dial up. I'm not that old but it's crazy how fast my generation changed from ancient to 100% new school. We got hit with everything new and "cool" when I was growing up. So it's interesting to see how the little babies now get it right away, there's no introduction it's practically given to them when they pop out of the womb. I hate it but it's just the way it is now. I try my best to limit the amount of tech Jaylen uses as far as TV and Ipad game and such. He pretends to talk on the phone as he was doing in this pic but I really want Jaylen grow up with as little of the worlds new age as I can possible limit.

      It's a win lose situation with our kids in this day and age because the technology we have is great and helps us so much but at the same time it consumes our lives to a point where we can't live without it and I want to teach Jaylen and my kids to come that they should only live with it not without it.

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