Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Movie Day.

I'm going to start doing more outfit post and sharing my personal style with my viewers. Enjoy and take all the inspiration you need!

      Jaylen and I went to the movies earlier today to see the new Planes movie, it was a lot of fun and super cute. We had pizza before since we were a bit early so we each had a slice then headed to the movie. Afterwards I didn't want to go straight home so we drove over to the new Trader Joe's down the street in Winter Park. I had never been to one but I've heard all about them so I thought we would check it out. I love the place it's so me and the prices are not that bad, this one was tucked on the corner next to some other nice shops and right it front of a lake. We took a walk around and it was just darling, there were two really nice and unique fountains that Jaylen loved and this cute little walking path with art sculptures and different benches. We had a lovely day and I hope you did as well, next time we are over there I'll be sure to bring my camera and take some pictures to share. 

Scarf: World Market (bday gift)
Vest: Ross
Jeans: Forever 21
Purse: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Watch: Macy's  (bday gift)
Sunglasses: Vision Works (prescription)
Earrings: Rue 21 (bday gift)
eos: Tangerine

July 30, 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

Magazines Just for Looks.

         So ever since my mom got all these awesome free magazine subscriptions I've sort of made my home in her stash! I really like some of the ones she's brought over so I had to give them a home, like theses, probably my favorites just because of the way they look on my TV stand. They blend so well with the colors surrounding them and it's something else to compliment my fake plant. I have a few more on my counter spread just like these and the over flow upstairs on my book shelve.

       Now I'm just much of a magazine reader but more of a quick looker, ya know flip through look at the pictures read an interesting article if it catches my eye. Other wise it's a flip through and toss and if one like a Better Homes and Garden has some home style inspiration I'll be sure to put it on top and bend the corner. That reminds me, I will be doing a post on some things out of a few magazines and talk about them and some things out of them that I want to try and things I will and see how well they work for me and share them with you all. That's all for now, I hope you take some inspiration on using some old mags that have good covers to just have them for show!

July 28, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

As the Dust Settles...

              Tonight I just wanted to right down some thoughts that have been on my mind, although this blog is about my son it's just as much about me as well. So I have been going through some very personal things over these last few days and I haven't had much time to reflect on them besides when the dust settles at night and my mind isn't consumed with everyday life that I really start to think about my life. As I was just about to fall asleep tonight I noticed my mind shut off all the daily wonders and thoughts and then I was just about to start thinking about the one thing that's troubling me the most and I just had to get up because I didn't want to think of that. It's hard not being able to say exactly what it is that's bothering me but I believe we all have had that thought and time when there is one specific thing on our minds and it's nice when it becomes lost in other everyday thoughts.

            So I thought why not get up and write about it, I love to write anyway and because this is so easy to write about  things when it's personal, I find it comes more naturally. Lets just say I've been struggling with who I am really and what I want to be in life as a person. Not a physical person but my mind set, I feel like it has changed over the years as I've gotten older but it's also stayed the same which I can't help. But in some way I believe we can all change how we think and feel about things over time.

          In the back of my mind I know how I feel about things and how I want to act on them or say about them but in real life it's like the cat has my tongue and nothing will come out how I really see it. Maybe it's like that thing in the movies where the person is thinking about doing something and they show us the thought but then the person comes back to reality and they aren't going anything of the sort. I feel like I have that a lot and usually I don't think about crazy outlandish things but reasonable things but I don't have the gut to do it or say it. That quality I believes in a way makes me a push over to some sort or just a coward that I can't do or say how I really feel so I hide it and no one really see's the really me but what I want them too.

         This all might not even make sense to anyone reading but it feels good to let it out and I appreciate you reading and maybe even understanding my thoughts. I guess in the end is all I'm saying is that I at times get trapped in my own mind and don't know how to speak it entirely so it comes out in no way that I wanted it too or it just doesn't at all and I leave it for the pillow. For the end of the day when everything has settled and it's probably to late to be the real me. I will work on this and see how my post about this change over time and I hope I can say someday soon that I'm not afraid to be the person inside who at times doesn't always feel like the one in the mirror...

This picture is a good representation of how I feel at times, on the inside I'm safe and concealed but outside of my mind it's really beautiful what I can accomplish if I just let go and show everyone the real me.

July 25,2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Twenty One Years.

My mom did an amazing job decorating the kitchen table for me at my Apt. and just making me feel special. I had a picture of everything but accidentally deleted it after I opened everything. 

 My really good friend came over and brought me flowers and then shopping for a CD, he's super sweet and thoughtful and this was all a big surprise that I really appreciated on this day.  

      It never cease to fail and rain on my birthday, I'm so used to it that it didn't even bother me that I got rainy showers yesterday.

It was the best birthday announcement at a restaurant I've ever had, I saw them do it to this other person and I didn't want them to do it for me but I knew it would happen and I loved every minute of it. Jaylen on the other hand thought it was to loud and just wanted my cherry!


My mom took me out to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe which I've never been to and it was great although I couldn't finish all my food and "legal" drink because I had a stomach ache I really enjoyed it and they gave me this sweet gift.. with a rock star hand!
(Not really he just helped me take the picture)

Probably the best card ever I didn't get it at first but when I did, I died laughing. My mom really knows how to pick em!

Gag Gift! Because I guess my crack is always killing so my mom thought I could use one of these. 

Probably my favorite gifts in all the bags because I love read now more than ever so I can't wait to dive into these. 

So sweet Jaylen couldn't wait to give me my gift from him that he picked out all by himself in a debate with my mom in the store. He knows me so well I loved all my gifts and especially this one.  

I had a world wind of a day yesterday but I loved every minute of it. Now I'm excited for my sister to come this weekend and celebrate with me and share even more memories of what seems to be turning into a birthday week! I like it, never had one before but I could get used to it ;)

July 22,2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Book Wrapping.

       Lately I've been reading a lot more and I was telling my sister about this great book I found at the Dollar Tree! It's seems weird to be shopping for books there but I just came across it and read the synopses and I wanted to see if it was any good, and to my surprise I finished it in two days because it was so good. I usually don't read books and I knew I needed some sort of hobby while looking for jobs besides watching documentaries on Netflix. After I finished this book I was obsessed with reading good books from the dollar store so I will be back book hunting soon.

      Anyway back to what I was saying originally, so this book I found at the Dollar Tree is call "The Very Picture of You" by Isabel Wolff  and it's about a woman that is a painter and she only paints portraits of live people and through out the story so many things start to unravel about her father and what really happened to cause him to leave her and her mother years ago. Also while trying to find out the truth behind that she's falling for her sister's fiance while painting him at the request of her sister. She also paints many other people throughout the story and learns so much about herself along the way through the stories of all the people she paints, even thinking she might be painting a murder!

      I'll stop there I don't want to give to much of the book away because it's just to good, the kind of good that throughout reading it felt at times like I was watching a movie and talking to the book saying things like "OMG I knew it!" So find it and read it for sure I recommend it for sure.

      Since it was such I good book I wanted my sister to read it too, because we both love a really good book. I was going to send it to her if she couldn't find it in her local Dollar Tree but since she is coming up to visit soon for my birthday I just went and bought it and will give it to her when she gets here. I didn't just want to give it to her in the bag I bought it in so I came up with an idea to wrap it for her, just something fun and to be able to share it with you all. I hope you like it and will be inspired to wrap a good book for someone you know just because.

Supplies: The book you are wrapping, tape, scissors, wrapping paper.

 (Wrapping paper from Target, which I got about 2 years ago in the fall collection in their dollar section)

I knew I wanted to use both of the wrapping papers I had so I started with this one as the base. Just wrap it as you would a gift for Christmas time.

As I was wrapping the book I thought of having something around it as a pendant around the book and I found this in my junk/ craft drawer. 

Like I was saying about wanting to use both papers, I wasn't sure which way I liked best either half way wrapped with the stripped paper or the stripped paper completely covering it so when she opened it it would have that double layer effect.

I choose to go with the half look, I thought it would look better with the pendent and straw I'm going to put around it. 

So to get the half wrapped look start of by measuring how far you want it to be covering the book, you could do half like mine or more than half, what ever look appeals to you more. After you measure cut just a bit so you have your place then, move the book away and from the cut mark fold that in half and cut you piece away then wrap it around the book like in the 3rd picture above.

After you line the paper up how you want it, ( I didn't want mine exactly half so I cut a bit more off so it wouldn't line up so exact with this line in the newsprint paper) Once that was how I wanted it I then began to wrap it just like the newsprint paper or your Christmas gift! Tape it on both top and bottom and your set.

Finally you want to add your accent pendent piece. I wrapped the straw first and tied it taped it down then added my pendant by tied a bow like on your shoe around it to hold it in place. It felt a little lose so I just gathered it more in the back and taped it down. 

This is the end result! I hope you like it just as much as I and try it yourself with different styles of wrapping! Take all the inspiration you need.

July 19, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Follow Follow!

Hey everyone! I'm trying to get more traffic to my blog and more people interested in following. I would love it if you spread the word and be sure to follow me on these social media sites:

Thanks so much I love all my viewers and followers! 

July 16, 2014

Rainy Day Walk.

I was having a little to much fun with the color block effect on my camera!

Our little adventure started the other day with just  quick trip to take out the garbage and on our way back we decided to explore.. well more Jaylen than me because I was afraid it was going to pour rain on us any minute. Since our neighborhood is so lush with beautiful greenery and shrubs cut in different shapes I always love taking a walk around it. While on our way of course I can't help but take pictures of this cute little boy and for the blog, but mostly to be able to share with him when he's older. 

Jaylen loves to pick up sticks and other random things off the ground and show them to me, today I wasn't the most fond of his finds he wanted me to hold on to since everything was wet. I love that he is so open to just what ever and isn't afraid to get dirty and explore as kids should, even though he's in the Tech Kid era. 

The little snail we found along the way is named "Snaily" very unique I know but Jaylen picked it so it's perfect. At first we watched him on his stick then Jaylen wanted to hold him and at first I said no but then I thought about that commercial with the little girl and her parents always telling her no and not to touch things. When I first saw that commercial I was so caught off guard and I just wasn't expecting the ending with the statistics and it really made me think about how much we as parents can hider our kids imaginations. So I always try to let Jaylen be adventurous and explore to a point, I wouldn't just let him do anything at this age especially if I think it can be dangerous. Let your kids imagination grow while also letting them learn from it weather a good or bad outcome because you never know who they will become because of their experiences.

July 16, 2014

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