Saturday, July 19, 2014

Book Wrapping.

       Lately I've been reading a lot more and I was telling my sister about this great book I found at the Dollar Tree! It's seems weird to be shopping for books there but I just came across it and read the synopses and I wanted to see if it was any good, and to my surprise I finished it in two days because it was so good. I usually don't read books and I knew I needed some sort of hobby while looking for jobs besides watching documentaries on Netflix. After I finished this book I was obsessed with reading good books from the dollar store so I will be back book hunting soon.

      Anyway back to what I was saying originally, so this book I found at the Dollar Tree is call "The Very Picture of You" by Isabel Wolff  and it's about a woman that is a painter and she only paints portraits of live people and through out the story so many things start to unravel about her father and what really happened to cause him to leave her and her mother years ago. Also while trying to find out the truth behind that she's falling for her sister's fiance while painting him at the request of her sister. She also paints many other people throughout the story and learns so much about herself along the way through the stories of all the people she paints, even thinking she might be painting a murder!

      I'll stop there I don't want to give to much of the book away because it's just to good, the kind of good that throughout reading it felt at times like I was watching a movie and talking to the book saying things like "OMG I knew it!" So find it and read it for sure I recommend it for sure.

      Since it was such I good book I wanted my sister to read it too, because we both love a really good book. I was going to send it to her if she couldn't find it in her local Dollar Tree but since she is coming up to visit soon for my birthday I just went and bought it and will give it to her when she gets here. I didn't just want to give it to her in the bag I bought it in so I came up with an idea to wrap it for her, just something fun and to be able to share it with you all. I hope you like it and will be inspired to wrap a good book for someone you know just because.

Supplies: The book you are wrapping, tape, scissors, wrapping paper.

 (Wrapping paper from Target, which I got about 2 years ago in the fall collection in their dollar section)

I knew I wanted to use both of the wrapping papers I had so I started with this one as the base. Just wrap it as you would a gift for Christmas time.

As I was wrapping the book I thought of having something around it as a pendant around the book and I found this in my junk/ craft drawer. 

Like I was saying about wanting to use both papers, I wasn't sure which way I liked best either half way wrapped with the stripped paper or the stripped paper completely covering it so when she opened it it would have that double layer effect.

I choose to go with the half look, I thought it would look better with the pendent and straw I'm going to put around it. 

So to get the half wrapped look start of by measuring how far you want it to be covering the book, you could do half like mine or more than half, what ever look appeals to you more. After you measure cut just a bit so you have your place then, move the book away and from the cut mark fold that in half and cut you piece away then wrap it around the book like in the 3rd picture above.

After you line the paper up how you want it, ( I didn't want mine exactly half so I cut a bit more off so it wouldn't line up so exact with this line in the newsprint paper) Once that was how I wanted it I then began to wrap it just like the newsprint paper or your Christmas gift! Tape it on both top and bottom and your set.

Finally you want to add your accent pendent piece. I wrapped the straw first and tied it taped it down then added my pendant by tied a bow like on your shoe around it to hold it in place. It felt a little lose so I just gathered it more in the back and taped it down. 

This is the end result! I hope you like it just as much as I and try it yourself with different styles of wrapping! Take all the inspiration you need.

July 19, 2014

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