Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pirate Day.

      September 19th was National Pirate Day, I was unaware of this holiday until Jaylen started attending his new daycare. I say new very lightly just because he has been there since the beginning of this year. It's a home based facility and wouldn't have him in any other place. He was in a facility daycare at one point and they were just so expensive and like robots really. Here he gets one on one attention and they learn so much and in different ways that challenges them. One thing I really like about the daycare he's in, is that the two teachers really take an interest in all of the kids they care for. They give assessments and sit down and talk with the parents about how to better help your child with what ever he is struggling with, they give reasonable homework for them that is fun yet helps them learn how to become better at the skill. So if you haven't had the best luck with corporate facility daycare's I 100% recommend looking into a home based daycare but do your research and take the time to look around and visit these places. 

             One other reason I love the home based daycare is what they do for the kids like Pirate Day or take them to see a kids play or have a mini party for them when it's their birthday. For Pirate Day all the parents had to do was sign up for an item to bring for the party and they did the rest and when I picked him up that day after work he looked like this! Sooooo cute I started taking pictures immediately. They took the time with them to paint their faces and really dress them up and it was just adorabs! Definitely gives me ideas for Halloween costumes. Daycare shouldn't be a place where you take your child and they are just running around with no structure or where there is so much structure it feels robotic. Parents and first time parents when it's time for daycare do your research. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kool Jay.

I'm going to start highlighting little Jay's outfits again like I used to in post titled "What Jay Wore" My mom got this way super cute hat for him and he just adores it and really knows how to rock it!. The picture of his hair I just had to add because I love this kids hair so much, it's super curly like mine and he's very particular about his hair. He only lets me cut it and style it.. by style I mean with a bit of water and spray conditioner Take all the inspiration you need for your little dudes!

Hat: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Ross

Monday, September 22, 2014

Glow Fun.

Last weekend my Mom, Jaylen and I went glow golfing! I haven't been glow golfing in some time since I lived in Washington and even then it was nothing like this place! I was in an amateur amazement awe with how cool this place looked. My mom at one point told me to stop taking so many pictures, but everything just looked so cool and the angles I was able to get of Jaylen golfing were just great. We had a really good time, no score keeping which made it more relaxing but at times we would keep track of how many hits it took to get the ball in, and a few times Jaylen scored a par 3. This cute little glow golfing place is nestled in a mall right next to a popular movie theater we always go to, and right in the heart of a tourist spot. So if you're visiting or even live local and have never been here I recommend checking it out:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Muted Colors.

Lately the weather has become more.. fall like. So I absolutely love it because then that means I can wear what I call comfort clothes. Living in Washington State that's all I knew, so it's more comfy for me to be covered up and causally dressed. I was just running some errands and I like to be sure I look fashionable, I never over do it but I like to look decent at least when I'm out and about. Take all the inspiration you need ladies!

Shirt: Gilly Hicks
Pants: Forever 21
Watch: Macy's
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: Forever 21

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Nights.

         As summer comes to an end here in sunny Florida it doesn't really end, fall comes, but to most it still feels of summer. I can't say I feel the same, I do sense a change in the air, I let the windows down in the car a lot more when driving instead of the stale air of  the AC. I would have to say the rises and sets of the sun in the summer here are so so pretty that at any time I have to chance to see them I want to capture it. In the pictures above this is all from one night which is really amazing how it can go from a peaceful sunset to one lone thunder cloud. It's a beauty I understand yet really don't all at the same time. Our world and the atmosphere that in cases us amazes me all the time with it's beauty. And  although we all see clouds everyday and sometimes without a second thought that they are there, I get lost in them each  and every time.. dreaming. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

O.O Coke

As you all know I love Target and especially their clearance. I was doing some regular grocery  shopping and I came across this cute little bottle so I had to see what it was all about. They were on clearance for like $1.46 and so I just got two just in case I didn't really like it. One thing you'll learn about me is that I love nicely packaged things with simple lines and colors.. anything that falls under that category is cute! Anyway so these stayed chilled in the fridge for a bit until I decided to cook something that went with a coke since, I don't really drink soda. Once I had a sip I thought this was better than a coke honestly, it's healthier, flavorful, and still has a good caffeine kick to it. I want to find them in a bigger package considering these were sold individually and I hadn't seen them anywhere else in the store. The label had so much awesome information on it about the soda, with all the "health" in it I didn't think it would be good but these are gluten free, organic, all natural and even caffeine free. So if you are trying to eat cleaner, yet still like a soda every now and then, I recommend oogave` sodas 100%, you won't go back to the typical soda's that are really bad for you, I promise.. just writing about these makes me want another one! Even something healthy enough for the little ones as a treat with dinner. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

In remembrance..

             Last night I watched this movie and shed so many tears. Although the stories told are fictional they felt so real because this happened to so many people maybe not in the exact way as depicted in this movie but in some cases I'm sure it came pretty close. I was just 8 years old when this tragic event happened. I didn't understand it at the time and really didn't know how big of a deal it was. I believe most of that was because I was sheltered from the whole truth about what really happened.

               As the years went on I got older but this day never seemed to pass without a thought twice about what's going to happen this time. I remember fearing that a plane would crash into my house or when I heard one up above I always watched it in fear of the unknown. I never really told anyone my thoughts about this day, and honestly I didn't really know how I felt about it besides being sad and curious all at the same time. I always wondered what it was like for all those people in those final and sudden thoughts while this was all going on. Just now even reflecting it makes me a bit sad.

           So when the 10th anniversary came around is when I really learned the most about that day. Because it was the mile stone of "Ten Years" the media made it a big deal of course.. I think I watched all that there was to watch on 9/11 that day. It was heart breaking, yet all that I learned was so eye opening because there was soooo much I didn't know up until then, which even shocked me just thinking back on all the years when I was old enough to learn about it I didn't..  So after watching show after show for the few days following I felt like I had seen and learned all there was to know about how it happened and even why.

       There is so much we still don't know and probably never will but what I do know is that lives were shattered and broken in a matter of minutes that day. This movie above that I watched last night was sad and yet had a sense of breaking free to it. So I definitely recommend watching it and just taking a minute to reflect on life.. because it's short and is to be cherished

We will never forget. 
Love Unites Us All.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I love love love all things antique! When I lived in Washington we would go to them all the time because they were easy to come by and just a norm to see around. Not to long ago I was thinking about going to one and I realized that Orlando isn't really the place to find them. I did some googling and I found this one in one of my favorite places to go, Winter Park. This antique shop was the king of all antique shops  It was huge and took a whole 3 hours to walk around and really look at everything and be able to enjoy it and find the different quirky little things tucked in corners or in baskets. There were so many things that I wanted to get but I ended up spending about 70 bucks there if I would of kept going it would of been more in the 500 range. 

The few things I found were this awesome 1972 Cosmopolitan magazine and Polaroid camera, both amazing prizes and still in decent condition. Although the camera will never work it's still a great piece to have for a photography lover. The Cosmo is so cool to look at especially when you compare it to the ones we have now a days, it's like night and day really.  A few other things I got not mentioned in the post were an old baseball and a viewfinder toy for Jaylen and this weird little "Do Nothing Box" which I will highlight in another post. 

Also I wanted to highlight a few other things on the rest of the shelf in my room like this Antique music box I got when I was a little girl and have kept all throughout the years and that I will have for the rest of my life. I'm the sentimental possession type so I hold on to things that are really dear to me, although my music box is falling apart at the seams I will never get rid of it. The fabric is coming off the twister to make the music play doesn't stay on. one of the tops hinges is broken and my name is fading along with the print but it will always been my little girl music box. 

One other thing is my medical books! I have always had a passion for medicine so growing up, all throughout high school I always got a book for Christmas of for my birthday. I read them a bunch then and even now I'll grab one and just flip through the pages and still be amazing about how we as humans function and thrive. 

Last thing on my shelf are the many magazines and that's not even half of all the ones I have. I love collecting them and going back to look at them for inspiration. It's a mixture of Better Homes, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vogue, Allure and a few random ones. And in taking this picture I noticed a body and I had to go and pick them out and I realized it was the Como's, so I'm excited to see who the person is once I gather all of them together to make a full body! Stay tuned!

 Random Fact: I notice things late, and once I realize my discovery I think it's the best thing ever. Haha.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Aztec Smiles.

The other day I went to the library with Mr. Jaylen and I wanted to be comfortable yet fashionable. I love this Aztec bag my mom got me for my birthday, it's all me and very convenient. Take all the inspiration you need ladies!

Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: Ross
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Aztec Bag: World Market
eos: Tangerine

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