Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pirate Day.

      September 19th was National Pirate Day, I was unaware of this holiday until Jaylen started attending his new daycare. I say new very lightly just because he has been there since the beginning of this year. It's a home based facility and wouldn't have him in any other place. He was in a facility daycare at one point and they were just so expensive and like robots really. Here he gets one on one attention and they learn so much and in different ways that challenges them. One thing I really like about the daycare he's in, is that the two teachers really take an interest in all of the kids they care for. They give assessments and sit down and talk with the parents about how to better help your child with what ever he is struggling with, they give reasonable homework for them that is fun yet helps them learn how to become better at the skill. So if you haven't had the best luck with corporate facility daycare's I 100% recommend looking into a home based daycare but do your research and take the time to look around and visit these places. 

             One other reason I love the home based daycare is what they do for the kids like Pirate Day or take them to see a kids play or have a mini party for them when it's their birthday. For Pirate Day all the parents had to do was sign up for an item to bring for the party and they did the rest and when I picked him up that day after work he looked like this! Sooooo cute I started taking pictures immediately. They took the time with them to paint their faces and really dress them up and it was just adorabs! Definitely gives me ideas for Halloween costumes. Daycare shouldn't be a place where you take your child and they are just running around with no structure or where there is so much structure it feels robotic. Parents and first time parents when it's time for daycare do your research. 

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