Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Toddler tune up.

Turned over dumpy.. Jaylen has been making quite the mess these days so I've been trying to come up with ways to help him understand how to clean up after he's done with a toy. I got some good ideas from my Pinterest board for parenting tips, there are a lot of helps sites on there that I will continue to use as my children grow up. Although he's only a year and a half I think it's good to start teaching your kids simple rules and how to help when they are young. This link here starts with helpful tips from 2 but you can implement them I believe at 1 and a half and kids will understand to some extent with a little help. Like they say it's never to late to start something and I say it's never to early either. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween is always a Celebration.

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday's and this year since Jaylen is a little older I took him to this little town called Celebration. It was a town build by Disney i guess so that the people working there could live close by... (shrugs) But it's a gorgeous little place and the homes are just so cute. I might have to say I'm in love with it. 

So since leaves don't really fall here in Florida and neither does snow the town of Celebration has these events every year where they make fake leaves and snow fall from the sky. It was pretty cool to see and Jaylen of course loved the little mini leaves coming from the sky. 

It's not Halloween without a pumpkin so lucky they had this mini pumpkin patch in town so Jaylen got to pick his own and we decorated it with stickers the next day. This place is also another visitors spot I recommend coming to if your in town for Disney, they are pretty close and again a good place to avoid the crowds but also get to see something new. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Games of fun and learning

This week I came up with a game of shape and seek.. I guess you could call it. I cut out little shapes about the same size and put some double sided tape on the back and had Jaylen sit in another room while I hid the shapes quickly. I put them in obvious places for a 1 and a half year old to be able to see and reach. I loves hide and seek and helping me find things so this was a perfect game for him. Not to challenging to put together or to get them to understand how to play so try it out and get creative mama's and papa's!

Well maybe all of them were in reach.. this one was his favorite one to get.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Downtown Disney Day

Yesterday we went to Downtown Disney with my mom and grandma. Jaylen loved every moment of it! It's a great place to take really little ones at this age when you know they can't really ride anything at Disney and might be completely afraid of the giant characters. They have tons of little shops, majority of them related to anything Disney a few for the parents like like soap shops or jewelry. Definitely a great blend though. Also plenty of restaurants and places for kids to play games. I recommend going if you are in town for just Disney World because they are all super close and it's a great get away to escape the crazy crowds of people.

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