Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween is always a Celebration.

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday's and this year since Jaylen is a little older I took him to this little town called Celebration. It was a town build by Disney i guess so that the people working there could live close by... (shrugs) But it's a gorgeous little place and the homes are just so cute. I might have to say I'm in love with it. 

So since leaves don't really fall here in Florida and neither does snow the town of Celebration has these events every year where they make fake leaves and snow fall from the sky. It was pretty cool to see and Jaylen of course loved the little mini leaves coming from the sky. 

It's not Halloween without a pumpkin so lucky they had this mini pumpkin patch in town so Jaylen got to pick his own and we decorated it with stickers the next day. This place is also another visitors spot I recommend coming to if your in town for Disney, they are pretty close and again a good place to avoid the crowds but also get to see something new. 

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