Friday, March 28, 2014

Just in Case You Were Wondering.

I know I didn't talk much before in my Room Revamp post about how I transformed Jaylen's toy box but I shall now! It was very easy to do by the way, so I hunted all over town for this paint because I wanted it right away in my hands and not wait to buy it online. It was out of stock practically every where I went but I finally found it in a Home Depot across town.

This paint is safe to use indoors with out killing everyone, if you are going to spray paint or use anything stronger I advise taking it out doors. I had to do this inside because I have stairs that lead me up to my apt and this thing is crazy heavy and it just me! 

So I got a plastic tarp from the dollar store (me on a budget!) and laid it down in the kitchen with the toy box on top. For this all you have to do is follow what the box says and you will have a chalk board.. well anything. I did 2 coats which was just enough to cover it without and blotchy spots.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nature Day.

Yesterday we headed out because the weather was so nice we just had to. We went to Winter Park, Florida a cute and quaint little town that's not to far from where we live. The lakes here are just so pretty and many aren't blocked off from the public by houses like this one. Jaylen loves the outdoors and finding things to pretend to put in his mouth and just relaxing with his mom!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Abandoned Christmas Trees.

As we took a walk around the neighborhood we came across an area of woods near a small pond. It was interesting to see the way the Christmas trees were just laid on the ground in a pile, browning and withering away. Yet all this life was surrounding them like me, Jaylen and that small flower..

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toddler Homework.

Jaylen has been in a new daycare facility that's based in someone's home and she is truly an amazing teacher. She works one on one with kids and evaluates them when they first come in and keeps track of how they are doing with basic skills. With Jaylen almost being 3 she did base him off of a 2 year old and noticed he needed more help with hand I coordination and just using both of his hands more. She gave him a simple but fun activity for me to do with him at home. All he had to do was string the blocks on the shoe lace and it was actually pretty difficult for him, he got frustrated easily and felt like he couldn't do it. I worked with him to keep him encouraged but didn't force it and we practices a few times until he finally got it and when he did boy was he happy and I proud of him. I'm really glad I finally got him in a place that actually takes the time to focus on him and notice what his strengths and weakness are, if I can recommend anything from my experience with corporate daycare's.. it's that you won't usually find this type of attention in them.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Room Revamp.

It was time for a make over in Jaylen's room, before if you look below it was boring, blained and blah. As you can see many things were already in their place but just needed some flair around them. I got all my inspiration from Pinterest and a bit just from how I envisioned his room to look. Most if not everything is from Ikea like the shelf, rug, the boxes, the silver shelves, night stand, bed cover, little lamp, plant, car pictures, poster and hanging bird.  Everything else I had already or found in different places like Ross or Homegoods. I Hope you like and take all the inspiration you need loves!

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