Friday, March 28, 2014

Just in Case You Were Wondering.

I know I didn't talk much before in my Room Revamp post about how I transformed Jaylen's toy box but I shall now! It was very easy to do by the way, so I hunted all over town for this paint because I wanted it right away in my hands and not wait to buy it online. It was out of stock practically every where I went but I finally found it in a Home Depot across town.

This paint is safe to use indoors with out killing everyone, if you are going to spray paint or use anything stronger I advise taking it out doors. I had to do this inside because I have stairs that lead me up to my apt and this thing is crazy heavy and it just me! 

So I got a plastic tarp from the dollar store (me on a budget!) and laid it down in the kitchen with the toy box on top. For this all you have to do is follow what the box says and you will have a chalk board.. well anything. I did 2 coats which was just enough to cover it without and blotchy spots.

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