Sunday, September 14, 2014

O.O Coke

As you all know I love Target and especially their clearance. I was doing some regular grocery  shopping and I came across this cute little bottle so I had to see what it was all about. They were on clearance for like $1.46 and so I just got two just in case I didn't really like it. One thing you'll learn about me is that I love nicely packaged things with simple lines and colors.. anything that falls under that category is cute! Anyway so these stayed chilled in the fridge for a bit until I decided to cook something that went with a coke since, I don't really drink soda. Once I had a sip I thought this was better than a coke honestly, it's healthier, flavorful, and still has a good caffeine kick to it. I want to find them in a bigger package considering these were sold individually and I hadn't seen them anywhere else in the store. The label had so much awesome information on it about the soda, with all the "health" in it I didn't think it would be good but these are gluten free, organic, all natural and even caffeine free. So if you are trying to eat cleaner, yet still like a soda every now and then, I recommend oogave` sodas 100%, you won't go back to the typical soda's that are really bad for you, I promise.. just writing about these makes me want another one! Even something healthy enough for the little ones as a treat with dinner. 

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