Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rainy Day Walk.

I was having a little to much fun with the color block effect on my camera!

Our little adventure started the other day with just  quick trip to take out the garbage and on our way back we decided to explore.. well more Jaylen than me because I was afraid it was going to pour rain on us any minute. Since our neighborhood is so lush with beautiful greenery and shrubs cut in different shapes I always love taking a walk around it. While on our way of course I can't help but take pictures of this cute little boy and for the blog, but mostly to be able to share with him when he's older. 

Jaylen loves to pick up sticks and other random things off the ground and show them to me, today I wasn't the most fond of his finds he wanted me to hold on to since everything was wet. I love that he is so open to just what ever and isn't afraid to get dirty and explore as kids should, even though he's in the Tech Kid era. 

The little snail we found along the way is named "Snaily" very unique I know but Jaylen picked it so it's perfect. At first we watched him on his stick then Jaylen wanted to hold him and at first I said no but then I thought about that commercial with the little girl and her parents always telling her no and not to touch things. When I first saw that commercial I was so caught off guard and I just wasn't expecting the ending with the statistics and it really made me think about how much we as parents can hider our kids imaginations. So I always try to let Jaylen be adventurous and explore to a point, I wouldn't just let him do anything at this age especially if I think it can be dangerous. Let your kids imagination grow while also letting them learn from it weather a good or bad outcome because you never know who they will become because of their experiences.

July 16, 2014

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  1. So cute! I totally agree, don't block a child imagination


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