Friday, January 4, 2013

Ambidextrous Much

They say you can't really tell what hand a child will use for the rest of their lives until around age 4. That may very well be true, so we'll wait and see but these days Jaylen definitely takes advantage of both his hands painting this wonderful picture or just doing anything really. Although I have noticed he does eat primarily with his right, so to me it's a sure indicator that he will be right handed. 

I try to get him to paint at least once a week or do something creative like this. I believe it helps keep kids busy for sure and always having those creative juices flowing. I'm big on Jaylen using his imagination because I remember very well as a kid having a big and very vivid imagination.. I can even think back now to the kinds of things I would imagine. 

          One thing we can let our kids do freely and with out punishment 
is their imagination, so let it grow just as they!

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