Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting a Toddler to eat...

More than just that pizza in his hand, hot dogs, nuggets and other not so substance filled foods. Now this isn't easy to do trust me because sometimes you'll still have to give those foods to get to another and much better alternative. For example I gave Jay that pizza but after it I gave him peaches which had been sitting in the fridge for quite sometime because he didn't ever want to try them. 

Also another great way to introduce foods if your toddler understands rewards and responds to praise well is to have the favorite treat in sight but let them know they have to eat what's in front of them first. This might seem a little advanced for a toddler Jaylen's age but he loves rewards and praise. Example we had soft tacos the other night and he was adamant on not eating it but I had his juice in sight and he wanted that first, but I just simply told him he wouldn't get it if he didn't eat. Yes, these took a few minutes and some whining but he eventually ate it and as soon as he did I praised him with claps and smiles and good jobs and he loves that. Therefore getting him excited to eat to receive praise and after a few bites he got a sip of juice and then right back to the food.

So it really works and I've added 6 news food to his diet and along with all the praise he really likes the food too, so I know he's not just eating for the reward. Try it and see! Good luck :)

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