Monday, September 17, 2012

TV time.

How much TV time should or shouldn't a toddler be watching?? This will forever be a debate, I honestly did'n't want Jaylen watching any TV until the age of 3 but how can I expect him to never see it if I watch it. So I've come to the decision to let him watch select shows. Although it's mainly this show above "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" he loves it too and we had yogurt that day to go with it after his nap.

I've also come up with a good schedule for him to be able to watch TV so that it's not constantly on. He watches Mickey Mouse in the morning and after his nap. So just twice a day but not everyday and most of the time it's on he doesn't sit there the whole time and watch it, he mostly likes the songs. In a way I'm doing good with him not watching as much all in all. In between breakfast and nap and nap and bed time I will have this music channel on, which I love because it's just a description of the song and a black screen so there is no action going on, on the TV. If I'm not listening to music, which is usually between nap and bed time I'll watch one or two of my own shows.

So as far as TV goes I'm doing pretty good with keeping it at a minimal compared to other kids these days where the TV is the baby sitter and I'm glad that I can't get Jay to cuddle up with me and watch more than 10 minutes of a movie...well some times :)

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