Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Last Day of Baseball.

Baseball came to an end this past weekend and I saw how much Jaylen really liked it that I just had to do another 7 weeks, so he starts again next week end and I'm super excited. Not to brag or anything but when talent presents itself why not invest in it, because Jaylen is really good for his age and start them young and all they can do it get better right? It would be pretty cool if he wanted to continue baseball over the years as he grows and be able to say he's been playing since he was 2! Yes, I always told myself I would never be the type of parent that forced my kids to go anything extracurricular that they really didn't want to do, but encouraging them not to just give up once they start is definitely my motto. So here comes another round of baseball fun, look out folks Jaylen might just hit one out of the park!

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