Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Simple edits

This collage wasn't an original by me by from the wonderful world of pinterest I came across a similar picture to this that I created on pickmonkey. And if you may know this picture wasn't taken in the light that it looks like it was taken in, it was probably around 10pm when I took this photo but it sure doesn't look like it huh?

The setting on my camera that I used was manual mode Aperture Priority "Av" with the ISO at 1200 the highest light it could go with some adjustments just to be sure it didn't look to bright and with a steady hand and sleeping baby you've got a very detailed picture of your baby. Then to make the collage if you follow the picmonkey link above it's really very self explanatory after that and then either use paint to add the font or just stay on picmonkey like I did to do it.

Now get creating your own pro-collage yourself!

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