Friday, July 6, 2012

The Red, White and Blue

 This 4th we didn't do as much as I guess we did last year but it went a lot smoother than it did last year I'll tell you that. So here above we had to go out the day of and get a few things. I wanted to dress Jay for the occasion but not to literal like he had last year that said "My First 4th"
We spent a good amount of time at the pool that he actually wanted to nurse and then fell asleep but we had a good time and he really enjoys the pool.

The big boom! So we at the last minute decided to go to watch the fireworks that's why you can see a hotel just under the actually fireworks. And I also ended up waking him up to see them because like last year he fell asleep and I really wanted him to see them this year and I'm glad I did because he was just in "Aw" So all 'n all we had a great 4th and I hope you did as well.

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