Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fire Trucks are a Boys Best Friend.

Jaylen loves fire trucks so much, heck he loves all trucks but he was so so excited to come here. This museum is by far my favorite that I've seen here in Florida because it felt like an authentic museum. It used to be a real fire station that men used to work at and live in and that's what made it feel so authentic I guess. I love the look of old things in there natural state so I had a blast myself photographing the place. 

Another recommended place to visit in Florida it's in a central area of all the other main museums but this one is free and you can't beat a one of a kind museum for free! And we got a one on one tour by a former fire fighter of the place since we were the only ones in there at the time so it's pretty awesome, and I can say I'm excited to take Jaylen back again and again as he gets older.

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