Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The other binder

So like I mentioned in my late post about making a smaller binder for my coupons and menus. I ended up making it a larger binder because my sister gave me an idea to use the baseball card holders instead of the actually coupon holders I originally bought at staples. They only fit in the normal sized binders that I just went with those instead and they work amazingly and because there's 35 sheets with 9 pockets on each I only needed to get on pack. You can find them at Walmart by the check out.

So as you can see the front cover is a calender that works great for quickly writing down what I need to get at the store without opening it and then for the back, just like the other binders is just something that represents what the binder contains.

After that is just a mass grocery list I found on pinterest that's just good to have right up front when you open this binder as a reference to see what you might need but forgot. Then after that are 2 menus on for myself and one for Jaylen because right now he can't eat everything I can so it's good to have a separate one from me. Also both of those printables can be found in my printable board. In the next picture you can see I had to use sticky notes to label on the sheet and that's because I underestimated how well my dry erase markers would work on these sheet protectors so for not the sticky's work.

Then lastly you have the coupon section and at the top I used tabs and in between those tabs I will be putting sheets in between them so it's easier to flip to each section. Each of the tabs say fruits, drink, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, personals. And looking back I now see I need to add house care.

So that's my go to binder for all things food and it's really helped me out I keep it in the kitchen that way when I head out to the store I can easily see what I need on my list and fill it out and then head right out the door. I hope you guys find this helpful and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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