Sunday, June 3, 2012

Get Organized with Binders


My binders are finally done! Yay! So behind the scenes of blogging I've been putting together my binders and that's one reason why I haven't been up dating daily as much. So in all I have 5 binders dedicated to my schedules, activities, recipes, important documents, and work outs. I do have a sixth binder but it's going to be smaller than these and I've been having trouble finding the perfect one that won't cost me 5 bucks for.

So the recipe binder is pretty self explanatory with a little twist. So I just added in the front before the tabs some very helpful info that I picked up at my local Publix that provides all kinds of info on food storage, preparation, facts and just all things about your food that everyone should know. And I know it's not very clear what the tabs say so here they are: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, deserts, beverages, quick meals, and holiday treats. and in between each of them are the recipes in the sheet savers and right now not all of them are in sheet savers because I underestimated how many recipes I have so I need more more more sheet savers.

This binder above is the activities binder that's just for Jaylen. It consist of pages and pages of age approiate things for him to do up to age 2 right now and I hadn't seen this particular idea any where but I did find the list of activities here. It's a great binder to have for kids because it comes in handy when your little seems bored the the same old stuff and you can keep it forever and have it for the next kid that comes along and even then after they have kids you can pass it down to theirs!

The schedule binder it's the most used so this is basically my go to binder all day everyday. I find this set up much easier than a planner because you can make it your own and it's way cuter. And with the clear page protectors you can just use a dry erase so there's no need to print 52 pages for each week that might not even get fully used...I hate to waste. Especially because I have sooooo many printables that I want to use over the years I know I wouldn't want to reuse anyway so why not make the most out of all your fave printables. 
So for these last 2 binders the one above isn't quite done yet and I hate that because I wanted to get them all done before I posted this but I felt it was long awaited. Basically what will go in that one is workouts that I've copied and pasted from here with pics and a description of how to do the workout under each section for a workout for different parts of the body. So you could understand why it would take a little longer to put that together but I swear when it's all finished I will post about it. Now the binder below I forgot to take an individual picture like all the others so from the pic below you can catch what I was going for. With this binder, it's also used pretty frequently considering how much I shop so it holds all things important when it comes to money. I have a section for receipts, manuals, orders, car insurance info, lease and anything that I just don't want to lose but I need to be in one place so I can easily find it if I need to. Also the picture on the right is showing a cool printable I came across that has a breakdown of documents you should keep and for how long. It's very helpful to have something like that to always be able to refer back to when filing papers away.

Also for the fronts and backs of these that was all my idea to just use the fancy and very cute paper from joann's to put on the fronts and backs to give them life and also be able to easily know whats in each binder just but the cover.

Now I didn't pull this idea of these ingenious binders from just anywhere and I want to give all the sites credit that helped shaped my binders together so here they are:

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