Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I call it..

The Bagel Cucumber Cheese Sandwich


1 bagel
1/4 of a cucumber
Shredded cheese (no specific amount, as little or much as you want)
Cream cheese also the amount to your liking

They are as simple as following the pictures but I have a list for those that want to copy and paste

1. Gather the ingredients
2. Toast bagel to your liking but not to hard because the cucumbers are also hard and you don't want that church on church to be to much
3. Cut at least 1/4 of the cucumber
4. Spread the cream cheese over each side of the bagel
5. Lay the cucumbers around the bottom bagel half
6. Sprinkle the cheese over the cucumbers
7. Lastly put the other half on top and chow down

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