Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Car Seat

 As soon as I moved to Florida I was on the hunt for a new more comfy, stylish and longer lasting car seat. And I found it, the Pira 70. I wanted a better one for Jay because his old one just wasn't cutting it for me anymore he had it since he was 6 months old and at first like everything we buy the first time I loved it and thought it couldn't get any better but little did I know. So I wanted the best for a reasonable price and I believe this one is the best for Jay and me. For Jay it's more comfortable, soft and fits him better. For me it's easier to install, use when it comes to the recline, easier to clean and just overall cute!. So I'm very satisfied with this car seat until he grows out of it. I'm hopeing it will be still up to date and standards of car seats come time for my next child because of the tiny fit insert in the first picture. Which is for newborn to 18 lbs. but if not it's ok I wasn't paying anything more or less for that part it just comes with the seat, and in the end it will have served it's purpose for Jay and that's all that matters.

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