Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Diaper Days

I "Honest"ly love these cute little diapers! I heard about them through the grape vine and just had to get in on the cuteness action. So these are Honest diapers and they work really great and they are just way cute I haven't photographed him wear all the designs yet but I will. I got them in a trial offer and I managed to get two sets because I got one when I lived in Washington then ordered them again when I moved to Florida! Sneaky little me, but I don't want to spend what they are asking for, for some cute diapers that will be covered up unless your baby is naked all the time. But I thought getting them for 4 dollars was worth it for a sample pack. So if your interested just for picture taking like me follow the link and just pay shipping and handling and they are yours but of course there is a catch. They will automatically charge your card for an order if you don't call and cancel within 7 days and it's really simple to cancel.

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