Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cart Covers.

I am such a first time mom. I am really into the safe and clean stuff for my son, I can say I'd never seen one of these until I became a mom. So we all know how dirty these things can been and especially when they are so young I think it's good to try to limit the amount of crazy germs they com in contact with, especially since they put every thing in their mouths and drop binkys.  This one is super easy to use and put away. I found it at Walmart I believe and thought it was super and it has space for attaching toys and cup holders. Can't go wrong with cup holders folks! So I don't plan on using this for ever (meaning as long as he can fit up there) since it will probably start to be a hassle and eventually even if he can still fit up there he won't want to use it. If you're looking for something like this definitely take some time to look at the different kinds out there and I don't recommend spending a crazy amount on it, I spent about 15 bucks which it reasonable I believe. Happy shopping with the little ones!

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