Monday, April 30, 2012

B. Toys.

Just B. You is their motto. I love these toys, I practically got all the ones they had available for his age group. They are the cutest and honestly the only toys I will buy for him that are plastic because I like all wooden toys much better since they last longer, they are cuter and not full of all the bad stuff most plastic toys have in them. But these toys are very durable and safe for the kiddos just check out their FAQ's

Jaylen loves these little bead connectors they make plenty of noise and he can put them in his mouth without any worry from me. I got all the B. Toys he has at Target because right now they are the only ones that sell them in store other wise you have to find them online from an outside site not of there own. If you are like me and want the cleanest safest toys for your kids I 100% recommend these.

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