Monday, May 14, 2012

His first Crayons!

The 20st century has the most amazing little inventions these days. I had nothing even in comparison to these crayons and colored pencils. But when I saw them I just had to have them for Jay.

But I of course want the most for my money so I searched many other sites to compare prices and how many you get for the price. And I just ended up waiting a while and when I checked back on my fave online shopping site there they were on sale! Get your own here: crayons & twig pencils.

The crayons aren't on sale any more unfortunately, because when I got then they were $6 and now they are $12 for 30.

The colored pencils are still the same price on amazon originally $8 for 8 on anthropologie! Crazy right I got the 3.5in size for $1.99 for 12...a much better deal I think. If you want the next size up they are just a dollar more on amazon.

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