Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Books Books Books!

Jaylen loves books! He collection is ever so growing into a mini toddler library. And I just love it he has a bigger selection in his play room and a few by the bed for night time stories. But it's funny with his books, he'll bring them to you to read but won't stick around long for you to finish reading it. Although that's the case he definitely has his favorites like below, and to the left. When he's a little older and actually wants to listen to me read I want to get into the habbit of reading 5 books a day which I saw on my fave mom blog
But for now I enjoy getting to read to 
him for the little time he'll have me.


  1. this post is super cute :)
    your blog is amazing!!

  2. Aw thanks, that means a lot considering I just started :)


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