Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sick days...

Orange juice, water, and Vicks Steam Inhaler.

      Jaylen has never been the kind of kid that gets sick often or does he ever get really sick. I can thank myself some for that because I breastfed for sooo long. I can say he's only been sick about 3-4 times in the past 2 years and he probably wouldn't of had that much if he hadn't been in and out of daycare. But it's okay, he bounces back fast and doesn't stay sick long. This time he was majorly congested and it was hard for him to sleep so I knew I wanted something to help instead of just letting it pass on it's own. 

      So I found this little portable humidifier thingy? It's by Vicks and super cheap! I found it at Walmart here, they have all kinds of different ones but considering I bought it in the store they actually didn't have as many choices as online. It's good to just have just in case and it's really easy to clean and store away, 

Oh! and I forgot to mention it comes with little vapor strips you put inside of it with the hot water so it's not just a water humidifier. Check it out for sure it's great for the little ones and yourself when you're sick and congested. 

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