Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lake Louisa.


We're at it again, on another adventure to the wilderness! I love the outdoors as well as Jaylen and this past weekend I was looking for something to do since it was so nice and the forcast said no chance of rain. I started my search online like always then I just got on my phone and pulled up the map.. which I could of pulled up on the internet.. hm. So anyway I was looking for lakes I hadn't been to and ones with some sort of beach front like in my post about Dinky Dock. I found a state park called Lake Louisa and it was perfect for what I had in mind that day.

So this park was about 30 minutes or so from home and on the scenic route, my favorite when I'm on the road. This area was big you could camp there, take your boat out and fish or just take a swim. I wasn't sure what we would find when we got there so I didn't completely come prepared for a full body swim I thought it would be a place we could just get our toes wet in. Little to my surprise you could walk out as far as hundreds of feet and still be standing in the water and not be waist deep. Once I saw how far out people were going I knew this was my kind of lake! 

This lake also as you can see in the pictures looks red and it is, if you scoop up some water in your hands you can still see the tint of color. They say it's from the the naturally occurring tannins in the water and it makes it hard to see the bottom unless the sun is shining directly over it. The water is beautiful and the surroundings as well, very relaxing place with a big size beach area and picnic tables. If you need a get away this is the place since not many people are there at a time and it's in the middle of no where, what better escape is there than that?

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