Monday, August 4, 2014


This summer we have had the most amount of storms I've seen since I've been here and really intense ones at that. Jaylen used to be afraid of the loud sound of thunder and come running to me with fear in his eyes, now it doesn't even phase him. He loves to watch as the rain pours against the window as the wind hauls and thunder shakes the house. I also find the thunderstorms to be calming, as ironic as it is, it makes sense because as the rains trickles down the window and the clouds dark as nice I find all peace with it. Maybe because rain reminds me of home, being from Washington it rained all the time it felt like. And being in it all the time I didn't feel this way at all, I just wanted the sun to come out for once but because we don't get rain all the time year round, when it comes it's nice to be reminded of home.

Jaylen doesn't know yet what "home" is when in that context, he was born in Washington and there for 9 months of his life and Florida is all he knows right now. I'm not sure where I want to settle down yet, I want that with a husband and we decide if we will stay here or just let our careers take us where ever. But I can say I want that place to call "home" not just for Jaylen but for my future kids and a new place to call "home" for myself but Washington will always be where my heart is.

August 4, 2014

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